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Open Exchange Dental Interoperability Group (OXDIG) is a membership-based coalition of companies representing all facets of the dental industry.  OXDIG is dedicated to the development, adoption and ongoing use of open standards in the dental industry facilitating efficient integration and best-practice technology solutions for interoperability

Registration on is free. You can register by clicking here. When you register on, you will have access to the downloadable files, including the latest official releases of UDX - OXDIG's "Universal Dental Exchange" XML schema, and the user forums.  You can learn more about the UDX standard in the Wiki or the Forums.

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We've been busy!

Though you may not see a lot of changes on our website, the OXDIG group has been pretty busy behind the scenes!  Over the past year members of our group have been actively involved in moving the UDX standard thru various standards organizations with great progress.  Both the ISO and ADA are reviewing versions of the UDX for adoption and/or integration with their respective standards.  Stay tuned and check back for updates.  In the meantime, use our forums to ask questions of the other members or our Technical Working Group - they're continuing to advance the UDX standard thru refinements and extensions that are periodically released.  If you have suggestions, comments, or just need help understanding how to implement a part of the UDX our forums are the best place to go.

OXDIG Committee

UDX 2.0.1 Released!

UDX Version 2.0.1 has been released and can now be found in the downloads section of our website.  This version is a significant update and streamlines the UDX schema to allow for more compact UDX documents. It also adds more versatility in describing data and enhances support for CAD files.   UDX 2.0.1 is the version that has been submitted to ISO and ADA for review.

UDX 1.26 with Implant support & Comments released!
OXDIG has released UDX 1.26.  This new release is backward compatible with 1.25 and adds support for Implants and additional comments on Rx Orders.  
UDX 1.25 has been officially released! This version of the UDX adds extensions to better support CAD files, especially CAD Design and CAD Scan files.  It also includes better support for international phone numbers and the ability to reference previously submitted orders as "remakes" and returns and adjustments.  Documentation and some sample UDX xml files are included with the XSD in the downloadable zip file. 
Connect-A-Thon Successful - UDX 1.25 release coming soon!
The OXDIG Connect-A-Thon held in Chicago, preceding the Mid-Winter show was sucessful in demonstrating the exchange of dental order & manufacturing information between systems from different companies.  

UDX version 1.25 is nearing finalization and should be posted in the public download area within the next several weeks (if not sooner).  1.25 has garnered a lot of interest because of its support for CAD scan & design data and a more robust payload (file-attachment) management. 

Soliciting requests/suggestions for UDX v1.25
The Technical Working Group is about to release UDX 1.24 with support for exchanging Product Catalogs.  They are now seeking feedback, suggestions and requests for new features, elements, enumerations, etc. to be adopted for inclusion in the next release.  If you have dental data exchange needs that the current UDX specification is not meeting this is the time to participate! Leave your comments, requests, feedback and suggestions in the Forums.
WIKI Is being updated!
The Wiki is being updated to include full documentation on all nodes and elements. It's a work in progress and we appreciate any help and contributions (examples, spell checks, etc.).  If you don't see what you need to help understand or implement the UDX specification(s) send us an email and we'll try to get more info posted quickly.   
Public XSD schema URL posted
A new URL folder has been created on the site allowing for public reference of the the released UDX XSD files.  The latest released UDX XSD can now be linked or referenced at: .  Additional older XSD versions will be posted shortly at the same location follwoing the same naming convention :  "UDX_v<version>.xsd".
UDX 1.23 Released!
UDX Schema version 1.23 has been released and posted to the file downloads sections.  This release adds support for requesting information (Query), submitting changes to previous submissions (Updates) and sending/receiving notifications as well as some minor tweaks and corrections to the existing Order Submission schema. now has a WIKI ! has just added a Wiki to help document the UDX standards.  It can be accessed from main menu or by clicking here.  The UDX Wiki will evolve and grow as more and more content is added. 
UDX 1.21 Released

The latest version of the Universal Dental Exchange has been released UDX. UDX version 1.21 contains the following changes.

  • New Products node under Submission. This will now be the central location in the document for Product info.

  • MobilePhone attribute added to Contact node (after Fax).

  • New Localization node under Originator and Provider nodes.

  • New SubmissionSource node under Submission.

  • New Licenses node under Doctors/Doctor node.

  • New Components node under Tooth node.

  • Registered users may download the UDX standard under the File Download section.

OXDIG Announces Universal Dental Exchange (UDX) XML format

The Open Exchange Dental Interoperability Group (OXDIG), announces the release of the Universal Dental Exchange (UDX) XML format for public review and comment. As an open XML standard, UDX will allow dental technology solutions to communicate with each other in a standard format.

This public review and comment period will allow interested parties to contribute to the development of the UDX standard. The current version of UDX may be downloaded from the file downloads section of the website.